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Heme Medi Dianafit,  PT
Heme Medi Dianafit, PT
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Name:Mr. Marketing Executive [Sales]
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Mobile Number:+6221.322-00-378
Phone Number:+6221.230-5225
Fax Number:+6221.230-5088
Address:Jalan Paseban Dalam No. 7 - Paseban
Jakarta Pusat 10440, Jakarta
: : E-mail: trading@ hmd.co.id : : Please Call Us for More Information
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Registration Date:Oct. 18, 2007
Last Updated:Oct. 24, 2011
Business Nature:Manufacturing, Trade, Service of Health & Beauty category

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Company Brief

Established by the Government of the Republic of Indonesia on April 5th, 2005 to develop national capabilities in manufacture/ fabrication of hospital equipments and supplying other medical & hospital needs. As a national operating group of companies we specialize in medical & hospital equipments supplies and pharmaceutical supplies.

Manufracture Business Sector
Heme Medi develops, manufactures and markets innovative hospital equipments. We have a facility in the area of 2000 square meters which is located at Desa Tamansari Kecamatan Setu - Cibitung. We serve all the job especially for the international and government hospitals.

Supplies Business Sector
Heme Medi are distributors of wholesale medical supplies. With a broad range of medical products at affordable prices such as medical equipment, diagnostic equipment and accessory equipment.

We see the keys to success in entrepreneurial employees, application-oriented research and development, as well as close customer orientation in the markets.


To be a market leader medical company in Indonesia.

1. To produce a quality and reachable medical products.
2. To gain a customers loyalty and trust on our products.
3. To give added values to customers, shareholders, employees and public in line with the company' s growth.


Work with excellent integrity, ethics, responsibility and discipline.

We are capable to push our product quality to even higher level, as for customer satisfaction.

Learn continually to improve competencies, develop innovation in order to be ready to adapt to changes and striving to do sharing to lesson learned.

Environment Responsibility
Concern to achieve clean and save environment, our policy has always been to comply with all the rules and requirement set out by the government by using safer alternatives to hazardous chemicals in our products and manufacturing.

Major Products / Services
  • Pabrikasi dan Supplier Alat Kesehatan
    Pabrikasi berbagai macam peralatan medis maupun non medis.
    Supplier alat-alat kesehatan klinik maupun rumah sakit.
    Jika tidak ada dalam katalog kami, kami akan mencarikannya untuk anda.

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